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TrustButVerify - simple jQuery validation powered by LiveValidation

I really like the way LiveValidation runs; however, I REALLY LOVE jQuery selectors & chaining. Unfortunately the LiveValidation approach to validation doesn't feel right when looking at a lot of field-specific validators surrounded by super terse jQuery syntax. So I decided to make a small 79-line wrapper-type of plugin that is powered by LiveValidation but comes with all the power of jQuery's selectors, chaining and... well, jQuery. I called the plugin, TrustButVerify . Check it out & let me know your thoughts or if there is room for improvement (which there definitely is). I have NOT exposed all of the LiveValidation methods; just the ones I found useful & necessary :-p Here's a sample of some validation: $(document).ready(function(){ $('#form .required').required(); $('#email').validEmail(); $('#zip').matches(/^\d{5}$/); $('input.address').required().validate(someCustomFunction, 'your address is out of our area &